Saturday, 12 July 2014

An Authentic Assessment

This is an example of a formative authentic assessment from  a 'Presentation Skills' Course.

It is an online assessment of a session on 'PowerPoint'. Following completion of the session, learners will be asked to produce a short autoplay PowerPoint presentation, demonstrating appropriate use of graphics, with an accompanying voice narrative. They will upload it to Youtube (optional – privacy mode) share the link with their peers and invite feedback.

Activity Brief: 
Using no more than 10 slides, you will create a Power|Point presentation to identify the following:
What you consider to be best practice in terms of planning PowerPoint presentations, formatting and presentation style
Pitfalls to avoid when creating a PowerPoint presentation
Types of learning and information sharing scenarios that can be enhanced through PowerPoint
How you will implement PowerPoint in the future, identifying what you will do differently as a result of the programme.
Share your link and invite your colleagues to provide feedback.

Assessment scores:
-       33%
-       66%
-       100%


Badly organised, impossible to follow
Some organisation, still jumps about
Clear organisation following a linear path
Clear organisation in a logical sequence with additional creativity
Powerpoint visuals

No graphics or Irrelevant, or unclear
Some clear graphics not  relevant
Clear, supporting graphics
Clear supporting graphics, animated or containing hyperlinks

Incoherent mumbling
Clear narrative, not supporting slides
Clear narrative, supporting slides
Clear narrative, supporting the slides and asking rhetorical questions to include viewer
Demonstration of learning

No demonstration of learning
Generalised learning points
Specific learning points identified and means of implementing them in future
Specific learning points identified and identification of transferability of learning points to additional tasks and job roles.

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