Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Uses of Innovative Technology.

Being self employed, I freelance for various training companies as well as working directly with organisations as a facilitator, trainer or mediator. In this example, I have drawn on one training company that I work for although it is clear that they are still on the starting block when in it comes to exploiting new technologies.

How long used for educational purposes
by my customer

by me for personal use
Cloud computing  No

9 Months – as a result of starting OU course and wanting to work on it from various locations.
Mobile/cell phone  No

5 years. More frequently in last year having changed to smart phone. Previously blackberry was slow to access internet. Use it for OU as well as personal learning interests
Open content  No

6-7 years. Great fan of open source software for developing music, writing etc. as well as 'training' literature.
Tablet computing  6 months

6 months – used for variety of learning applications
Game-based learning  No

4 years: have used various apps to help with language learning, problem solving skills etc.
Learning analytics Internally, data gleaned from customers and trainers evaluation forms inform future programmes for delivery

New scholarship  No

2 yrs: Online reviewer for Emerald publishing, so guess I am part of the peer to peer assessments.
Semantic applications  No

 1 yr. Not so much for educational purposes more for leisure.
Augmented reality  No

No. (I have toyed with idea of giving training sessions in Second Life, not sure about this though.)
Collective intelligence  Not really other than own private portal/intranet.

 5 yrs if forums like LinkedIn could be counted or other informal 'non-scientific' collaborative forums
Smart objects  No

Telepresence  3 yrs in basic form. Often used for catch ups when delegates have missed programmes. Not a specific option for learning.


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