Friday, 11 April 2014

Experiencing MOOCs - 50 shades of learning!

This is a simple comparison of two vastly different MOOCs:
"Start any time, it never ends. Design it your way"
Gamification   (iversity)
"Let's take the campus experience online!" and "learn the basics of Gamification with a highly practical approach."

DS106 (Gamification)
Encourages use of a number of technologies:
Posting on website
Contributing to forums
All learning takes place on website using multi-media: Instructional videos (mainly) with quizzes, encourages contributions to online forum and to general forums on: F/Bk. LinkedIn,
Google+, and instructors' Blogs
Collaborative, connectivist, constructivist, learners contribute to evolution of the course - prosumers
This is a 'taught' course. Instructional: videos, reading materials. Constructivist: Live G+ 'hangouts' and f2f 'meet ups'
General approach and philosopy
Organic evolving course, changes daily, created by both 'experts' and participants. Peer2Peer assessment and feedback."
Has 2 courses – non-timebound open course and formal timebound course.
The course can be reused, remixed and made available by other organisations, individuals.
Structured linear programme with emphasis on collaboration and interaction amongst learners. Not simply contact during course but beyond its completion, building up a network of like-minded participants

Peer2peer evaluation of assignments.

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