Wednesday, 2 April 2014

OER lessons providing useful digital skills to employees who are new to online learning

Search engine skills and web site verification

M – This is aimed at students and not employees

Capturing, recording and organising work

G – Straightforward overview of functions  of two bookmarks

M – Content good but linked to an existing course with dates for assessed work to be submitted

M – A little old (2008) a good general overview of cloud computing. Provides arguments for and against use of cloud computing.
Sharing, collaborating and setting up polls and surveys


G – Overview of online netiquette

G - Intro to Google docs and Wikis

M - Issues with forum bias

M - Link to Survey Monkey’s tutorial…not impartial

M - Overview on online collaboration and ‘teamwork’, from provider’s pov.
Creating an online presence with blogs

G – Blogging basics

G – Further info on setting up a blog

M – Constructing a website, similar to blog

G - PDF on Creating a blog with wordpress
Creating an online presence through social networking sites (LinkedIn, Twitter, Pintrest)

M - What not to share on social networking sites

M- Introduction to Twitter

G – Video and pdf on making practical use of Twitter

 M - 10 basic tips for using LinkedIn

M - LinkedIn and its potential

G – Social networks and interest maps

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